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Help in an emergency is always just a button press away.

The EMTWatch is a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). The stylish and discreet design provides dignity, independence and security to users. This system breaks the stigma of the medical devices used in the industry today. The EMTWatch transmitter can be worn as a wristwatch or a breakaway pendant. This is used in combination with the two-way voice communication base station.

The EMTWatch base station plugs into both an electric outlet and a phone jack. Once plugged in, the base station can be activated via a wireless medical alert transmitter. In the event of an emergency, the user presses the alarm button and is instantly connected to the SafetyCare Response Center staffed 24/7 by certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). The EMTs stay in constant contact with the user, assessing the situation, and dispatch emergency personnel as necessary to get the user the help they need.

The EMTWatch offers stylish protection at a lower monthly price than anywhere else, with all monitoring provided by fully trained Paramedics.

EMT FallCall Pendant

Peace Of Mind

The EMT FallCall detector automatically calls for help when it senses the user has fallen getting your loved one help right away when care is critical. The stylish pendant is worn around the neck and can detect varying degrees of falls, fast or slow and has redundant false alarm prevention, the most reliable fall technology available. The pendant also has a quick press button that can be pressed by the user for assistance in any other emergency.

In the event of a fall the monitor will trigger contact at the SafetyCare centre where certified EMT?s will assess and call the appropriate emergency help. Working in conjunction with the base system it opens a two way communication with SafetyCare?s certified EMT?s who will stay in contact with the user providing friendly, caring and compassionate care until local medical personnel can attend.

The lightweight heart shaped pendant comes with 3 interchangeable jackets, which can be chosen from a variety of colours. The FallCall monitor has a transmission range of 750 feet line-of-site, 350 feet within the home.

Caveo872: Emergency Response

Independant Living

Independent at-home living is a great way to enjoy your golden years. With SafetyCare, this can be accomplished with around-the-clock peace of mind. The simplicity and completeness of the SafetyCare emergency monitoring program means you will receive experienced, professional help from certified EMTs when you need it.

Personal Emergency Response System

SafetyCare's ultra-reliable Personal Emergency Response System
consists of a console that easily plugs into an electric outlet and a
phone jack as well as a wireless, water-proof, one-button wrist
transmitter. If you require medical assistance, or in the event of
another type of emergency, just press the transmitter button
or the console's alarm button. A call will be sent instantly to
the SafetyCare Response Center, staffed 24 hours a day,
every day.

Your console functions like a hands-free speakerphone. Once your
alarm call is received at SafetyCare's Response Center, certified EMTs stay on
the line, assessing your situation, dispatching emergency personnel to your
home, and providing your vital medical history to the paramedics enroute. Our
certified EMTs know how to assess emergency situations, make critical decisions,
and communicate with the ambulance crew responding to the scene.

SOS Assist SOS Assist
Panic button for 24/7 emergency response